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What kind of photograph should I send with my application?

Please send a current photo of yourself with your application. Photos are used for identification purposes - you are not judged by your photo. However, you want to send a photo where you look your best. A head shot or body shot is acceptable. Please send only one photo. Photos will not be returned.

Can I register the day of the audition?

Yes. Applications will be available the day of the audition at the registration area and walk-ups will be accepted at the door.

How can I prepare for auditions?

There are several ways you can prepare for auditions. Up to one and a half months prior, the Charger Girls host a pre-auditions workshop. At the workshop, the Charger Girls will conduct a warm-up, work on dance technique and teach a combination similar to what will be taught the day of the preliminary audition. The team director will also conduct a brief seminar on what to expect the day of the preliminary audition. A question and answer session will take place at this time as well.

We also recommend that prior to the auditions; you take as many dance classes as possible to polish your technique. Also try to take a variety of dance styles so that you are better prepared the day of the preliminary audition (i.e. jazz, hip-hop, ballet, technique). We also encourage participants to be on a consistent cardiovascular & body conditioning workout program.

What can I expect the day of the preliminary audition?

When you arrive, proceed to the registration area for check-in. Upon registration you will be given an audition number to be worn on the front of your attire. Please warm-up while waiting for the audition to begin.

A choreographer will teach a short dance combination for each phase of the audition. You will be required to learn and perform the routine in groups of three in front of a panel of judges. A cut will be made after each segment. At the end of the preliminary audition, a group of finalists will be selected to continue on to finals. Finalists are selected based on their dance ability, showmanship and crowd appeal.

Is there any special way I should wear my hair and make-up for the auditions?

Your hairstyle should compliment your features. Hair does not need to be a certain length or style. If you have long hair, please wear it completely down or down with the front up. Your make-up should be worn a little heavier than normal day make-up. Please wear colors that compliment your features.

What should I bring to the preliminary audition?

  • Extra hosiery/tights
  • Extra pair of dance shoes
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch and snacks for during the breaks
  • Make-up and hair styling items

Can my family or friends come watch the auditions?

No. To ensure a professional and relaxed atmosphere for all participants, the audition will be closed.

How is the scoring done for the auditions?

All the judges score on a 1-5 point scale. Scores are put into a computer program that gives us an average score and a detailed point breakdown.

How many positions are open on the squad?

All 28 positions are open. All veterans must re-audition each year. Veterans receive one BYE through the first cut of preliminaries.

How many finalists are selected?

60-65 finalists are selected after the preliminary audition.

If I am selected as a finalist, what can I expect?

All finalists must participate in an interview and a final dance audition.

As a finalist, what can I expect during the interview?

You will be in an interview group of 6-8 finalists. The interview will last 20-25 minutes. During this time you will be asked to introduce yourself and answer questions regarding the San Diego Chargers organization, the Charger Girls, current events and/or general questions about being a member of the dance team.

Please dress professionally. Business attire is recommended. Hair and make-up should be done as though you were attending a special event.

As a finalist, what can I expect during the final dance audition?

Finalists will need to practice the routine taught at the preliminary audition. You will be asked to perform it in groups of 2-3. You will also need to prepare six 8-counts of your own material to be performed to a generic dance song. You will perform your original routine individually. This routine should show special talents or dance styles you enjoy doing. You will not be judged on choreography.

A two-piece leotard and flesh colored tights/hosiery are mandatory. You may wear the same outfit from preliminaries. Hair and make-up should be done as if you were performing at a game or in a show on stage.

How are the finalists scored?

Scoring for interviews and finals is the same as preliminaries. Finalists total scores are comprised of their last score from the preliminary audition (25%), interviews (25%) and the final dance audition (50%).

How do you notify the finalists to let them know if they made the team?

The team roster will be announced at the conclusion of dance finals on Thursday, April 11th. The following day, Chargers.com will post the 2013-2014 Charger Girls Team for the public to view.

If I am not selected as a finalist, will my application be kept on file?

No. You must re-apply with a new application each year.

If selected, when do rehearsals begin?

Rehearsals begin immediately following Charger Girls mini camp. Mandatory rehearsals are held on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings, and one-two Saturday(s) a month, times to be determined. Rehearsals are mandatory and may not be missed unless there is an emergency. Rehearsal dates are subject to change at any time. Please keep in mind that you may be asked to rehearse more often during the week.

Is being a Charger Girls member considered a full time job?

No. Being a Charger Girls member is a part time job. You should at least hold a part time job or attend college full time.

Will I get paid if I become a Charger Girls member?

Yes. Cheerleaders are paid $75.00 for each home game. In addition, each cheerleader will receive two tickets to each home game and one parking pass. Cheerleaders will receive compensation for select paid appearances.

Will I have to purchase my own uniform or supplies?

No. The Charger Girls uniform is provided for the duration of the season. However, each Charger Girls member is responsible for the uniform and supplies at all times, including all footwear, Charger Girls activewear, warm-up suits, poms and any additional costumes given during the season. Uniform must be kept clean at all times. The cheerleader must pay for any items lost or damaged. All uniforms and property (excluding activewear) must be turned in before the last day of the contractual agreement or at the 2012 auditions.

What type of time commitment is expected if I am selected as member of the Charger Girls?

As a Charger Girls member, attendance is very important. Total commitment is required by all team members. Commitment includes:

  • All preseason and regular season home games (10 total)
  • Mini-Camp
  • Rehearsals
  • Photo Shoots (Calendar & Team Photo)
  • Personal Appearances (Charity/Non-Profit & Paid)
  • Media Appearances
  • Travel
  • Fan Mail