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McCoy On His First Year and What’s to Come

Posted Feb 20, 2014

Head Coach Mike McCoy answers fan questions and opens up about the Chargers.

Head Coach Mike McCoy has a full plate at the NFL Scouting Combine, but he made sure to give his time directly to those who matter most, the fans.  After sifting through nearly a thousand queries, Chargers.com chose what we felt to be a strong cross-section of fan submitted questions for our head coach.

What was your most memorable moment of the 2013 season? – Tomas Hawley

McCoy: I think just the way the coaches and the players became a team.  When you first take a job and come to a new organization you never know how it is going to be.  So as quick as we could, we became a football team.  I think at the end of the year that really showed.  It showed the quality of guys and the type of people we have in the building.

It took me a while to get over the Denver loss in the playoffs.  As head coach, how long does that last for you?  How long did it take you to get over it? – Michael Kwan

McCoy: It sticks with you forever.  Whenever you get that close, you always think about it because it is all or nothing.  You’ve got to win that next one you’re playing.  There is only one team that’s happy at the end of the year.  So it stings for everybody.  But you’ve got to move on.  You’ve got to put it away.  But you’ll always look at the little things.  Could you have done something different?  Could I have called a play better?  Could we have executed better?  Could we have done one little thing to get that last one because you are always trying to win that next one.

The draft and free agency are very important. What other things do you focus on in the offseason though? – Dan Stranzer

McCoy: It’s really just cleaning up our system.  That’s the big thing.  As you watch, you evaluate your football team.  You look at what you ran offensively, defensively and on special teams.  What worked?  Why did it work?  Why did things not work?  Was it the way we were coaching?  Was it a system error?  Give other teams credit too so was it something they did against us on certain type of plays?  Really it’s a lot of little things and cleaning up the system.

Coach McCoy,   Before this year you were predominantly an offensive guru.  What did you learn about the defensive side of the ball in your first year as head coach? – Todd Mobey

McCoy: John Pagano and his staff did a really phenomenal job. They made great adjustments throughout the year.  As an offensive playcaller the past couple years I learned you have to make adjustments, and I’ve always said we’ll do whatever it takes to win.  As a head coach I saw it every day from a different side.  Being with the defensive staff in meetings and seeing the adjustments they made week to week, they did a great job. 

What about Frank Reich has you confident the offense will continue to tick with him as coordinator?  Very cool of you to take questions from the fans like this.  Best of luck at the combine. – Plaven King

McCoy: I’ve known Frank for a number of years now and have watched what he’s done. He may not have been a coordinator, but I like his background whether it was here or in Indy with Peyton (Manning).  Having sat down with him a number of times before I got here about what I wanted to do, what we did in Denver at the time, what I had done in Carolina, his playing background and knowledge of the game, he really understands what I want to get done.  And seeing him last year in action, it will be an easy transition.

After having a successful and a great season, how will you evaluate the team, and keep it in the right direction? Thanks for your time and GO CHARGERS! – Frank Koja

McCoy: The first thing we do is evaluate the team as individual players.  We grade each player to say this is what we think about the player and this is what we can do. Moving forward it starts looking at free agency.  Are we going to sign the guys who are free agents on our team back?  Then we start looking into the other free agents of the league.  But really, I’m big into evaluating the system and the plusses and minuses of what we’re doing.

Coach McCoy, if you could go back and give any advice to yourself when you first got the job as Head Coach what would it be?  - Alexander Soefell

McCoy: Really it would be the best advice I got.  Gary Kubiak told me right when I first got the job that it will happen.  “It Will Get Done.”  That is what he really said.  It’s going to take time.  Not everything is going to happen overnight.  It will take some time but eventually it will all get done.  That was important to hear so that is what comes to mind.

Coach Mike! As a former quarterback, if you attended the combine as a player, how would you have approached it? – Brandi Jonas

McCoy: It’s really a job interview.  It’s another opportunity to go showcase your skills and do what you can do.

I really like what I've heard about you guys transforming the culture within the Chargers organization. I believe having everyone (from the owner to the doorman) working from the same core principles builds trust, loyalty, and cohesion that transcends the walls of Chargers Park and out into the community. Excuse the pun but it creates energy that's electric! You could feel the shift in just this first year. So to my question, what more are you planning to do to create the "Image of the Charger" as a proud, enduring, and triumphant icon for San Diego? Thanks. – Bob Scott

McCoy: Well the foundation has been laid.  There is great leadership in the building and we’ve made a lot of changes throughout the entire organization.  I think everybody understands that the foundation has been there, but it’s not good enough.  That’s the big thing.  We can never be satisfied.  Last year is over.  We’ve got to move on.  Everyone has got to raise the bar in the whole entire organization.  We’ve got to play better.  We came up short. 

Hi, I just wanted to know how you and your family are enjoying San Diego thus far? What are your favorite things about the city?- Daniel Bunag

McCoy: We love it.  The best thing for me is getting to spend time with my family here.  Getting to hang out with the kids and my wife.  Going to my daughter’s competitions and going to Luke’s basketball games.  Going out with Kelly and enjoying the good restaurants in San Diego.  There are so many good places to eat.  We love going down and sitting on the water and enjoying this city.  It’s great weather in San Diego with great people.  And we love Sea World without a doubt!

When you meet fans on the street, what do they most often ask you about? – Sam Kokran

McCoy: There really aren’t a ton of questions to be honest with you.  It is more, especially after the season, congratulations on the year.  I think that’s great because of what the players, the coaches and the entire organization did.  All the hard work paid off.  Unfortunately we came up short so we have to do a better job this year.




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