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Rivers: We have to bounce back because Baltimore is not going to feel sorry for us.

Posted Nov 19, 2012

QB Philip Rivers talks to media

Quarterback Philip Rivers


On how he is holding up physically:

“Good. Your typical Monday soreness from a game but I’m holding up fine. Even after about week ten I feel good. “

On his confidence level in the offensive line:

“We had a miscommunication on the one where I know there was notable frustration. That is a heck of a defensive front. We got into a position where we were down two scores then you have to throw it. Again, that’s tough. Like I’ve always said, I have a great deal of confidence in those guys. They fought their tails off and allowed us to really do some good things in the second half. In the first half we didn’t do so well. Not in all areas. A lot of it Denver had to do with. They covered us, they compressed the pocket and I didn’t make any throws to get us any conversions on third down. It was a combination of a lot of things in the first half but the second half we were able to get going a little bit.”

On still having an opportunity to make the playoffs:

“Sure we do. I think again that’s something you all want to talk about since March or April, is all that matters is the playoffs. Yet we have 16 games to play and then we want to talk about something that will or will not happen in January. It really is a game and that is all we need to do. We’re a team that has lost—whatever it is. We’ve won one in the last however many and we need to find a way to win a game against a playoff team. They’re going to come in here. We beat them last year at home which means nothing but we know what type of team they are. They just won a big game last night. It will be a heck of a challenge.”

On Coach Turner still discussing the need to play a complete game in week 11:

“Not when you’re 4-6. An 8- 2 or 7-3 team wouldn’t be talking about that. They have obviously put together some complete games to win seven. I think when you’re 4-6 it’s not because we found a way to win four but in the ones we’ve lost it’s because we haven’t played well enough for four quarters. I don’t think that would be any different in any locker room or Monday post game of what those teams are saying that are in a little bit of a struggle.”

On previously setting the bar high in regards to making the playoffs:

“No bar has ever been set here. We have those same expectations. As frustrated as everyone is, we are equally frustrated. We can’t even start to change that unless we go win a game. There is no denying that we have been a .500 team for the last two seasons now. That is not acceptable to anyone. No one is out there going, ‘hey we’re .500, we are having a heck of a couple years.’ But we’re fighting and that doesn’t get you a win in the win column because we’re trying hard. Those things are qualities you have to have to give yourself a chance. We’ve done that every week. We’re going to go out like crazy and expect to win this game on Sunday at home then we will expect to beat Cincinnati at home then we will go to Pittsburgh and see what happens. There is no lost confidence. There is certainly some frustration and disappointment but we’re going to go out and play as if we were that 7-3 team that we expected to be. We’re going to play with that same confidence this week.”

On some player seeming down after the loss and the need to sit down with certain players:

“There are times when we break it down at the end of the game to where guys speak up and make sure everyone has the same direction, the same approach. You should be down. You should hope that was a down post-game locker room. It has been a tough little stretch. We know what that game would have done from a division standpoint. Obviously we know what losing that game would do from a division standpoint. We have to bounce back because Baltimore is not going to feel sorry for us. They have us here sandwiched in between their biggest division rival two times in a three week span. They’re on a roll right now so we have to be ready to step up to the challenge.”

On how much he misses former Chargers Marcus McNeill and Kris Dielman:

“Those are questions that are really hard to answer because you certainly miss guys that played a lot of great ball here for many years. At the same time, I’m glad we have the guys we have. You obviously miss the good players that you’ve had or that their careers come to an end or they have moved onto other teams. That is all the big what-if game. We have gone out and had the chance to win every game we’ve played in other than the Atlanta game that got away from us right off the bat. We just haven’t played well enough to win. Individually I haven’t and collectively we haven’t as a team.”

On anything that needs to be done to make the team win consistently:

“No I think those are the things that make you win. I imagine every four and six team, every three and seven team have the same issues. They probably turn the ball over, they are not capitalizing on opportunities. Yesterday we had eight straight punts. They are not putting together four quarters. When and if we do that we will win, when we don’t it is going to be a struggle to win. We fought like crazy yesterday to give ourselves a chance. It is going to be that kind of struggle if we don’t play better consistently.”

On the difference between the offense in the first and second halves:

“We hit a couple things in the outside to the outside receivers. Then they started mixing things up and we got going. It was tough, it wasn’t easy. That one 80-yard drive, we had a couple of third down conversions that were kind of second and third receivers in the progression. Malcom there beating Champ Bailey. Danario Alexander making a big catch on third and one we take a shot at the end zone and on fourth and one we take a shot at the end zone. Those are big plays. In a game like that when you lose 30-23 and you have two turnovers and a blocked punt that they go for not. Those are big plays and those drives are drives that did occur. Those are things you have to build on. When you lose, no one wants to hear about the positive. Believe me, you don’t take much from it when you don’t win because that is the ultimate objective but there are some things we are doing that if we do better and more consistently, we will win. Until then, it is going to be a struggle to win a game which is what we are trying to get done.”

On claims that the team consistently prepares well but then consistently falls short:

“The other teams are doing the same thing. We don’t play against air on Sundays. I think both teams are doing the same thing. If it was that easy it would be boring. Go prepare hard and try hard, you’ll win every week.  That is too easy.”

On what he sees in Danario Alexander:

“He has been awesome. He has been here for three weeks or so. I didn’t realize until about a week and a half ago that he led the whole country in receiving in 2009. He had 1700 yards or something and 109 catches or something like that at Missouri. He has had those injuries with his knee and hamstring and things that have kept him from really getting in a rhythm and flow with an offense. I think he fits our system great. He is a big target that can really run. He is good after the catch. He has been a big pickup for us and has fit in nicely. He was big yesterday in keeping us in the game.”


On a good pass rush being the most important thing to winning in the NFL these days:

“It certainly can be the most disruptive for an offense. You have a great secondary but if you’re not disruptive upfront you can find a way to get a completion and do some things. It can cause the most problems to an offense if you have an active pass rush. Denver maybe has the best defensive player in the game right now, 58 (Von Miller). 92 (Elvis Dumervil) and 91 (Robert Ayers) are good too, along with the inside guys. It is a heck of a defensive front. To get D.J. Williams back, I think he played a lot more than anyone expected. He has been play now for nine years in one place. He is a heck of a player. It is a good team and we knew that. It wasn’t just going in and playing well and you’ll win the game. Make some great plays and stay away from any negative plays. Obviously those things didn’t happen.”


On going from playing Denver’s defense to Baltimore’s defense which is probably equal:

“I don’t know, we will find out in a week. Certainly I think whatever the rankings are from a statistical standpoint. Then you watch the game and they win a 13-10 game in Pittsburgh so they are obviously playing good defense. I know Pittsburgh had to scramble for a touchdown and then that was about it. They obviously made some good plays. It is a good defense. We know Baltimore has always had a good defense. That is who you have to beat, those kind of defenses. Again if we could have gotten going in the first half like we did in the second half we could have had a chance. We had our opportunities. Our defense played great. Obviously they wish they had some plays back but they played really good and gave us a chance to get a lead, especially in the first half. We had a chance to make it 10-0 or 14-0 but we didn’t do it. Due to our own mistakes, an interception and a blocked punt, all the sudden it is flipped at 17-7 then 23-9. That makes it tough.”


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